Wall to Wall


WHEN: 4.5.2012 (World premiere)

WHERE: Gilles Et Dada in Helsinki and as a showcase at Tampere Theatre Festival.

WHO: Anna-Mari  Karvonen, Masi Tiitta, Sonja Ahlfors, Joanna Wingren, Pauliina Turakka Purhonen, Jasmin and Udi, Anna-Sofia Nylund, Johan Isaksson, Jonatan Fogelholm, Hilda Kozari, Heidi Lind, Mikael Maltzeff, Anna-Sofia Nylund, Helena Kallio

WHAT: Wall to Wall was an intimate, minimalistic, and multidisciplinary performance about eroticism, power, and gaze. The performance was played on a display window for only 12 people per evening. The work played with the relationship between the specator and the actor. The permarmance could be seen both from the performance space but also from the streets outside of the display window. The performance asked who is seeing whom, who owns the gaze? Wall to Wall played with the vision: the audience had eye patches, they smelled different smells etc. The performance won Antonia-price in Hangö Teaterträff -festival in 2012.

PRESS PHOTO: Sebastian Johansson

TRAILER: Anna Antsalo