WHEN: The original version of THE TENT was shown at Pauliina Turakka Purhonen’s exhibition “Hell and Glory” at Forum Box in Helsinki 2019. THE TENT was shown at Iso Roobertinkatu in Helsinki in November 2020; at Museokatu in Helsinki and at the Festival Lainsuojattomat in Pori, Spring 2021.

WHERE: In an empty shop, in two rooms with separate entrances or in two separate spaces close to each other. THE TENT was performed both LIVE and DIGITALLY.

WHO: Joanna Wingren, Sonja Ahlfors, Olli Ojajärvi / Senni Valtonen, Johan Isaksson, Alina Pajula, Malin Nyqvist, Sanna Pietilä, Dimitri Paile, Tyra Wingren

WHAT: THE TENT is a participatory piece by Blaue Frau. It’s a meeting between two performers and a visitor. We have temporarily placed a tent in an empty shop because we thought that the world needs a place where difficult questions get clear answers. Do you have a question that you would like answered? In the tent, we have answers to all questions. Maybe not true, real or possible, but certainly clear ones. Welcome to our tent. It is full of sleeping bags, love, and intuition.

PRESS PHOTO: Liina Aalto-Setälä