WHEN: 2016-2021

WHERE: In collaboration with Huvudstadsbladet (2016, 2020, 2021), in collaboration with publishing house Förlaget (2017)

Taxen & Terriern: Joanna Wingren, Sonja Ahlfors,
Jingle: Systraskap (Sabina Wärme & Amanda Lindgren)
Sound mixing: Kristinan Ekholm, Ludvig Allén, Dimitri Paile (2020-2021)
Logo: Johan Isaksson
Photo: Helen Korpak (season 1 & 2), Liina Aalto-Setälä (2020-2021)
Guests in season 2: Anna-Sofia Nylund Allén, Malin Nyqvist, Josefin Fri, Emil Grudemo El Hayek, Ula Kijak, Lidia Bäck, Andrea Svanbäck
Marketing: Marco Lindholm/Lindebarn (2020)

WHAT: Taxen & Terriern is feminist, norm critical podcast which examines the borders between the private, the personal, and the public. The podcast discusses both easy and difficult topics from a personal and humorous perspective. Blaue Frau works with “oversharing” in Taxen & Terriern  i.e. with sharing intimate and personal information that can make the listener uncomfortable. 

In Taxen & Terriern, Sonja is terriern (a terrier) and Joanna is taxen (a dachshund). Joanna called Sonja terriern because she’s so scrappy. Joanna is taxen because she is unbelievably stubborn.

During 2020-2021, Taxen & Terriern focuses on the Corona crisis and is published in cooperation with Huvudstadsbladet.

PRESS PHOTO: Liina Aalto-Setälä