WHEN: 12.9.2009 (World premiere)

WHERE: Wasa Teater. The performance toured 4 months in Sweden from the south to the north. In April 2010 the performance toured 2 weeks in Finland and was invited to Tampere Theatre Festival / international.

WHO: Michaela Granit, Marina Meinander, Karin Lind, Teija Fontell, Markus Fagerudd, Sonja Ahlfors, Eva Millberg, Jari Nissinen, Annaleena Sipilä, Joanna Wingren, Thérèse Svensson, Niklas Åkerfelt, in collaboration with Wasa Teater, Riksteatern and Uusi Teatteri

WHAT: The performance Svinalängorna was based on Susanna Alakoski’s novel Svinalängorna. It’s a coming of age story that follows the life of a Finnish family when they relocate to Sweden. It is a story about love and vulnerability, friendship and survival. It is a hopeful description of a child’s ability to forgive and go on. In the performance, the friendship between two girls, a Finnish and a Swedish one, was in focus.

PRESS PHOTO: Jan Ericsson