Som vi minns det

WHEN: 13.9.2009 (World premiere)

WHERE: Korjaamo / Helsingfors, Alandica / Mariehamn

WHO: Mia Hafrén, Jon Eliason, Mari Agge, Sonja Ahlfors, Jan-Christian Söderholm, Marc Svahnström, Joanna Wingren, Eva-Maria Koskinen, Anna Olofsson, in collaboration with FisT (Finlandssvenska teatern), Korjaamo and Folkhälsan. A film based on the same script was made together with Långfilm Production/Jan Nyman.

WHAT: “Som vi minns det” was a performance about sexuality and guilt which wanted to tell a story about victims, perpetrators and witnesses in an nuanced way. The performance was about four people who meet again after many years. During one evening they look back on a common traumatic event. Everyone of them remember it in a different way. In addition to the performance Folkhälsan organized a seminar on the theme of sexual abuse. Som vi minns det was made into a film and premiered in 2013. The film was screened in Green Film Festival in Seuol, in Lisbon International Film Festival, in Aab International Film Festival, in Västerås Film Festival and in Scandinavian International Film Festival. Both the film and the performance used both Swedish and Finnish as a language.

PRESS PHOTO: Pekka Niittyvirta