Blaue Frau is launching a new artist run website. PORTAL is presenting norm critical performance art and is curated 2021 by theatre company Blaue Frau & Elina Tervonen. Each season, 6-9 artists and groups working in the field of performance art join PORTAL and put their mark on the content. The artists that are part of PORTAL 2021-2022 are: Arlene Tucker, Even Minn & Teo Ala-Ruona, Kihwa-Endale, Moe Mustafa, Louna-Tuuli Luukka, Vähäkämä-collective, Dasha Che & Suvi Tuominen and Blaue Frau. On PORTAL you will find presentations of the selected artists and groups. You will also find information about the workshops which the artists are hosting.

PORTAL is a platform where artists can meet up, share knowledge and create new collaborations. We want to create possibilities to network and form new ways of collaboration between groups, artists, institutions and other agents within the field of performative arts. PORTAL hosts streamed or live public events. The content of the events and workshops is based on the knowledge, interest and methods of the selected artists and Blaue Frau. We also publish interviews and articles of other interesting artists working in performance arts.

Please visit PORTAL www.pportal.fi. PORTAL is designed by Johan Isaksson. Translation to English is made by Elina Tervonen and proofreading by Gabrielle Vaara. PORTAL 2021-2022 is supported by Jenni och Antti Wihurin Rahasto, Samuel Hubers Konststiftelse, Helsingfors Svenska Bostadsstiftelse and Föreningen Konstsamfundet.