WHEN:  16.11.2021 (World premiere)

WHERE: In an empty shop in Herttoniemi in Helsinki, tour to Festival Normal in Umeå in Sweden.

WHO: Sonja Ahlfors, Mille Bostedt / Shaya Khalil, Greta Lignell, Kaisa Lundán, Joanna Wingren, Rasmus Slätis / Alexander Holmlund, Ella Snellman, Sara Grotenfelt, Alina Pajula, Iida Hägglund, Johan Isaksson och Saana Reijonen.

PLEASER is an interactive performance about solidarity and revenge. 4 years after the #metoo movement spread across the web, Blaue Frau investigates what traces the movement has left behind in society and in ourselves. Can a broad movement create solidarity or will it become too blunt a weapon when everyone must be accommodated under the same roof? Is it enough that we identify ourselves as people of solidarity or does solidarity require action? And what happens to a movement when you can’t bear to be angry anymore but mostly feel tired? Together with the audience, we examine what we need to in order to move on and be free.

PRESS PHOTO: Lotta Blomberg