WHEN:  At 18, 9-10.12.2022

WHERE: Festival Normal i Umeå.

Sonja Ahlfors, Mille Bostedt, Greta Lignell, Kaisa Lundán, Joanna Wingren, Rasmus Slätis, Ella Snellman, Sara Grotenfelt, Alina Pajula, Iida Hägglund, Johan Isaksson and Saana Reijonen.

Performed by Sonja Ahlfors, Joanna Wingren, Greta Lignell, Shaya Khalil and Alexander Holmlund on tour 2022.

What happens to a movement when you don’t have the energy to be angry anymore?
PLEASER is a performance about the time after a movement that shook power structures and changed our views on the abuse of power.


PLEASER is a strategy. To be a PLEASER is to be a ”normie”. PLEASER is power. PLEASER is to smile and nod when you really just want revenge.
PLEASER is an interactive performance about solidarity and vengeance. PLEASER is about the afterwards: for whom has the world changed?
Are we ever finished with a movement, and who is happy with the result?

PLEASER premiered 16.11.2021 in Helsinki

The main language is Swedish, but PLEASER was available in English i Helsinki. In Umeå PLEASER is played in Swedish.

Instead of paying for tickets, we ask our audience to bring with them a deposit. The deposit is 20 euros or 10 euros for students, unemployed and artists. We only accept cash. Alternatively, you can bring with you an object you estimate to be worth the deposit sum. At the end of the play, you can choose if you would like to have your deposit back, or if you want to donate it to the performance.
The number of participants is strictly limited so please book your tickets asap @ We only accept pre-booked tickets. You will be informed about where the performance begins when you reserve your ticket.

PRESS PHOTO: Lotta Blomberg