Någon hatar oss igen

WHEN: The book was realased in 2017, the exhibition based on the book toured in Swedish Finland during 2017-2018

WHERE: Published by Schildts & Söderströms

WHO: Joanna Wingren, Sonja Ahlfors, Johan Isaksson, Maja Lundgren, Anna Friman, the exhibition was made in co-operation with Ida-Lina Nyholm/Luckan

WHAT: Någon hatar oss igen is a book based on the uncensored discussions from Sonja Ahlfors’ and Joanna Wingren’s Facebook-chat. The visual landscape is made by the illustrator Johan Isaksson. The border between the text and the image is fluid. In the on-going chat, conversation brings up thoughts about feminist battles, anxiety, children, sex, love, money, theatre, conflicts, sisterhood, and friendship; a world described from the perspective of two feminists. An exhibition based on the images and texts from the book toured in Finnishswedish cities in Finland.

TEASER 1 & 2: Malin Nyqvist