Micke & Steffe Show

WHEN: 10.4.2020

WHERE: Yle Areena & as broadcast Yle5, watch Micke & Steffe show with Finnish subtitles at Yle Areena.

WHO: In collaboration with Five Corners Production and Yle. Sonja Ahlfors, Joanna Wingren, Malin Nyqvist, Rafael Donner, Aleksis Salusjärvi, Matias Björkas, Boodi Kabbani, Jamie McDonald, Oskar Pöysti, Jonas Rothlaender, Jakob Norrgård, Josefin Fri, Emelie Zilliacus, Yasmine Harkimo-Lagerström, Adelle Lagerström, Sophia Wekesa, KAJ, Alvi Pakarinen, Marika Hill, Malin Hemming, Mia-Irene Sundqvist, Carolina Råman, Miia Ollula, Krista Karppinen, Ari Haapaniemi, Robin Saurén, Sofia Bonds, Manne Railo / Nanoverse, Johan Isaksson, Tommi Pietiläinen / Rudolf Helsinki, Sabina Wärme, Sonia Stenius & Markus von Reiche.

WHAT: Micke Palmgren and Steffe Strand are two new cultural characters who analyse manhood and masculinity in their talk show that is both serious and humorous. The show discusses what it is to be “a woke man” in today’s world with eight invited guests. The Micke & Steffe show is a unique interview program as the interviews are made by actors (drag kings) in their roles.

PRESS PHOTO: Alvi Pakarinen