Magic, Cilla & Baby

WHEN: 10.3.2011 (World premiere)

WHERE: Tour (2011-2012) to nurseries in Swedish Finland and Dalarna’s province in Sweden.

WHO: Anna-Sofia Nylund, Sonja Ahlfors, Joanna Wingren, Jan-Christian Söderholm, Sawandi Groskind, Maya och Sissela Klingenberg, Eva-Li and Edwyn Teir, Tyra Wingren, Ludvig Allén, Karolina Teir, Markus von Knorring, Kenneth Klaile, Anna Hiidensalo, Eva Lundgren, in collaboration with Folkhälsan and Yrkesakademin in Österbotten.

WHAT: The performance was based on the ABC-book “Magic, Cilla & Baby – ramsor om tjerer, killar & grejer” by Eva Lundgren. Blaue Frau’s interpretation of the book is a humorous, witty, and prompt performance with a theme on gender roles and prejudices. The performance was built on music and magic, for example, acts of one actor were recorded before-hand and “they lived in a TV”. Together with the performance, Blaue Frau organized workshops about gender roles. Folkhälsan offered educational material for the workshops.

PRESS PHOTO: Jan Ericsson