Madde Min Vän

WHEN: 14.10.2006 (World premiere)

WHERE: Luckan´s stage Verandan & tour to Swedish Finland during 2006-2007

WHO: Anna Allgulin, Ann-Luise Bertell, Wladimir Tschernich, Sonja Ahlfors, Joanna Wingren, Jonte Wingren, in collaboration with Svenska Teatern, Luckan and Folkhälsan.

WHAT: “Madde min vän” was based on Ann-Luise Bertell’s play and it toured in primary schools and junior highs. The performance was about two teenage-girls – about plays and roles, about fears and bravery, about the need to control and about the need to let go, about friendship and love, and about self-confidence. The performance was participatory and played with the borders between fiction and truth. The project was part of Anna Allgulin’s research at the Theater Academy in Helsinki, Finland. Folkhälsan produced educational material that was handed out in the performances.

PRESS PHOTO: Wladimir Tschernich