WHEN: 2.10.2020  (World premiere)

WHERE: Lilla Teatern and on tour to Mariehamns Stadshus.

WHO: Blaue Frau in collaboration with Lilla Teatern. Nina Hemmingsson, Gunnar LundkvistAnders Larsson, Sonja Ahlfors, Joanna WingrenBoel Marie Larsson, Herman Nyby, Liisa Blad, Åsa Wallenius, Sonya Lindfors, Linn Henriksson Strååt, Ebba Forstenberg, Johan Isaksson, Meri Ekola, Alina Pajula, Alina Ostrogradskaya, Saara Räisänen, Stephanie Korhonen, Sanna Pietilä, Carolin Koss & Kimmo Kallonen.

WHAT: Livet ditt as is a dark and humorous performance based on Nina Hemmingssons’ cartoons and on the novel Min kompis Gunnar, with letters from Gunnar Lundkvist. A girl, a pudel, a pig, and a tree, four anxious and wind-driven characters meet in a public place, in a residential area, at a party, and in the woods. In all the places they find it hard to co-exist and misunderstand each other constantly.

PRESS PHOTO: Liina Aalto-Setälä

TRAILER: Carolin Koss & Kimmo Kallonen