WHEN: 25.10.2008 (World premiere)

WHERE: Theatre Viirus, tour (2008-2010) to Swedish Finland, to Stockholms Stadsteatern and Parkteatern in Stockholm.

WHO: Sonja Ahlfors, Marika Parkkomäki, Joanna Wingren, Henrik Heselius, Sara Puljula, Tarja Nyberg, Anders Larsson, Hellen Willberg, Maria Antman, Nina Hemmingsson, Liv Strömquist, Sonja Åkesson, Kristina Lugn, Elmer Diktonius, in collaboration with Viirus.

WHAT: Jag är din flickvän nu is a dark, funny, political, loud, and violently feminist performance that rises from Nina Hemmingsson and Liv Strömquist’s comics. The performance dealt with everything from first boyfriends to rough lesbian sex. It also deals with angry young women who are armed with dark humor, sharp lines, and fragile hearts. Jag är din flickvän nu was a big success among the public and was for example played in Stockholm’s Park Theatre for over 7000 people at the same time when Crown Princess Victoria married Daniel only a few kilometers away.

PRESS PHOTO: students at VNF (digital photography): Ann-Sofi Nordman, Henri Sinisalmi, Lina Enlund, Sebastian Lindqvist, Thomas Karlsson and teacher Fredrik Willberg.