I stopped my body

WHEN: 11.10.2012 (World premiere)

WHERE: Maria Hospital in Helsinki

WHO: Hanna Brotherus, Sonja Ahlfors, Laura Koistinen (Vesterinen), Joanna Wingren, Eija Sipinen, Marja Airola, Kaisa Salmi, Marzi Nyman, Dimitri Paile, Jukka Perko, Mikko Kuustonen, Anna-Kaisa Niinikoski, Johan Isaksson, Jonatan Fogelholm, Anna-Sofia Nylund

WHAT: I Stopped My Body was a visual dance and performance work that was played in Maria’s Hospital in Helsinki. The work dealt with death and our relationship to it, and what happens to us when we meet with death in our lives. Two actors who had survived cancer took part in the performance. I Stopped My Body mixed the fact and the fiction and the place itself, the hospital had a remarkable role in the fictitious performance.

PRESS PHOTO: Nico Backström

TRAILER: Anna Antsalo