WHEN: 2015-2018


2018 Blaue Frau workshops: LainsuOjattomat with Anna Ting Möller & Sarah Yasdani, The GENDERhouse Festival with Juli Apponen, Turteatern with Louise Yaa Aisin, Baltic Circle with Athena Farrokhzad

2017 Blaue Frau workshops: Hangö Teaterträff with Tove Sahlin, Åland Pride with Studio Naiv, Bombina Bombast with Kviss Boom Bang, WISP/Unga Klara with Nancy Hertz

2016 Blaue Frau workshops 2016: Antiracism & Normcritics with Jani Leinonen, Sandra Yi Sencindiver, Stefan Åkesson & Linn-Hilda Lamberg, Timie Märak, Noora Dadu

2015 Blaue Frau workshops Autumn: Racism & hate with Camara Joof, Maryan Abdulkarim & Giovanna Esposito Yussif and Maria Salah

2015 Blaue Frau workshops Spring: NUET/THE PRESENT with Nasim Aghili, Tärähtäneet Ämmät, Sonya Lindfors and Inderdjit Kaur Khalsa

WHAT: Blaue Frau organized a series of workshops 2015-2018. We wanted to examine how and if we can work in a norm critical and antiracist way while doing art. The workshops were free of charge and hosted in English so as to be more inclusive. 

PHOTO from Kviss Boom Bang´s workshop in Malmö