Blaue Frau was founded in the fall of 2005. Blaue Frau is a professional feminist theatre group with regular and on-going activity. Blaue Frau makes performance art and theater and has also created a concept festival Pop Up Art House (2013-2014), produced a podcast Taxen och Terriern (2015-), published a book “Någon hatar oss igen” (Schildts & Söderströms, 2017), made the tv-program The Micke & Steffe show (Five Corners Productions & Yle 2020-) and curated and organized a Nordic workshop series Blaue Frau workshops (2015-2018). We work norm-critically primarily around themes of power and gender. We work thematically, anti-hierarchically, and conceptually. Our works are local, time and space specific as well as immersive. Our goal is to reformulate and challenge the theatre both in its terms and content. Since 2001 Blaue Frau has been teaching acting focusing on non-hierarchical working methods and gender issues. 

The permanent staff of Blaue Frau consists of the artistic directors, actors, and producers Joanna Wingren and Sonja Ahlfors and graphic designer Johan Isaksson.